My Heater Won’t Turn On! Tips and Advice from the Pros

It can be your worst nightmare if your furnace breaks down on the coldest day of the year. So, what exactly do you do? Put up with a chilly environment? No! You can readily avoid all these issues by calling experts for routine maintenance of your heating and air in Redding, CA.  

To better maintain your furnace system, here are some tips for diagnostics at home if you’re the one who likes to try working on things before calling in the pros.

  • You are Maintaining Your Heater to Keep it From Breaking.

While modern furnaces are generally dependable, it does have the potential to fail. Unfortunately, you’ll be left with a frigid house and a cold, miserable family when it does. Therefore, it is better to address the issue as soon as possible. 

Also, for the harsh winter months, you must keep your heating system in top shape, and a little engine maintenance before the frigid winter period can go a long way toward deterring your heating system from breaking down in the future. 

  • Ensure That Your Radiator Remains Set to “Heat.” 

While it may seem to be a no-brainer, the radiator is usually the origin of the heating issue. Smart thermostats can be perplexing and challenging to use. Also, before you presume the furnace is the problem, examine whether your thermostat is adjusted correctly. At Air-O Service, We offer heating service in Redding CA. at an unbeatable cost. Our main motive only is customer satisfaction.

It is also possible for the switch to turn off unintentionally, most frequently while cleaning. So, before you make any phone conversations, double-check that the thermostat is working- properly. 

Set the thermostat to a set that will activate the furnace. Allow a minute for the fan and heat to turn on after setting the temperature to your preference. Select the thermostat to 90 degrees Fahrenheit if it doesn’t come on so that it doesn’t turn on and off while you’re attempting to figure out what’s wrong.

  • Modify the Filter

Dirty or blocked air filters are the most common causes of furnace difficulties and excessive operating expenses. The heat exchanger might overheat and close down abruptly when filters get blocked with dust and grime. 

It produces soot buildup on the heat exchanger, which reduces the efficiency of your furnace. If the blower is working and no heat is coming out, the following procedure replaces the filter. Also, to find out where the filter is and how to replace it, you can consult your owner’s manual.

  • Check for Airflow Obstructions Such as Clogged Ducts.

Check the ducting that you can reach for any gaps between segments or branching spots if only one or two areas are cold and your furnace is going on and working in other areas.

While metal duct tape can get used to fill in any gaps, you should not use standard cotton duct tape as it may cause ducts to leak. However, when your Heater stops working, there are several things you can do to try to solve the problem manually.

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