5 Sounds Your Furnace Shouldn’t Make

5 Sounds Your Furnace Shouldn’t Make

HVAC system technology is evolving, and these advancements focus on making the indoors more comfortable. The latest development in the furnace system consists of a two-stage or variable-speed blower fan to reduce the noise, and its operation changes as per the temperature.

However, if you suddenly start hearing strange noises from your high-tech furnace system, it is a sign that you require furnace repair  Redding  CA.

Five Sounds That Signify It Is Time To Call Our Furnace Repair Expert!

Your furnace system might produce low-intensity operational noises, which is alright as it indicates the furnace system is functioning properly. However, there is a problem when you do not hear any operating noise or hear strange loud noises that are out of the ordinary.

Here are some noises that your furnace may make and what it indicates:

• Banging noise

Often, banging noises are associated with loose components and bearings. However, that’s not always the case. Banging noises are also associated with ignition issues. It is caused when there is a small explosion due to an ignition delay.

There is a gas build-up in the combustion chamber due to dirty and clogged gas burners. It is best to contact our heating service expert in Redding, CA, to fix the gas build-up problem.

• Humming noise

Humming sounds are quite typical, as it indicates the furnace is operating efficiently. However, if there is a loud humming noise, it is often due to a faulty capacitor or blower fan. The capacitor is an electrical device that provides energy to start the furnace system operation. It starts to wear down with time, and in this case, our furnace repair expert in Redding, CA, will replace it with a new one. 

• Rattling noise

If you hear a rattling noise from your furnace system, it is better to switch off the system until our furnace repair technician in Redding, CA, comes for an inspection. It is a sign that there is a loose component in the furnace assembly. The loose component can affect the other components in the system; that’s why switching it off is better. 

• Clicking noise

If the furnace system makes clicking noises, it indicates the furnace system’s spark ignitor is trying to light the burners. However, no gas is in the combustion chamber so you can hear the clicking noise.

It can be due to a faulty thermocouple, a gas valve issue, or the pilot light not hitting the flame sensor due to an improper mixture of gas and air. 

• Bubbling noise

Bubbling noises are an indication of condensation issues in the furnace system. There is excessive condensation in the furnace system due to blocked condensation lines or a faulty condensation pump. Our furnace service expert in Redding, CAmight replace the condensation pump and fix the pipes. 

Effective ways to avoid strange noises

Here are some tips for maintaining your furnace system:

  • Schedule an annual heating service in Redding, CA, in the winter, beginning or late autumn. 
  • Replace the air filter and clean it weekly. 
  • Clean the furnace system with a vacuum and brush monthly.
  • Switch off the furnace for two hours and use it at a minimum temperature. 
  • Keep the five feet of the furnace surroundings clean and avoid stuffing the flammable things near it. 


Your furnace requires expert assistance whenever you hear strange sounds from the furnace. Ignoring the issue and delaying the heating services in Redding, CA, make the problem more complicated and expensive to repair.

If you are struggling with a noisy furnace, Air-O Service experts will help fix your malfunctioning furnace system. Call (530) 221-4691 or email us, and our experts will be at your doorstep at the scheduled time for furnace services in Redding, CA.

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