8 Expert Tips On How To Maintain Your Home Heating System More Efficiently

8 Expert Tips On How To Maintain Your Home Heating System More Efficiently

An HVAC system is a long-term investment and requires careful budget planning and consideration. The average lifespan of an optimally functioning HVAC system is somewhere between 10-15 years. Through this article, we aim to share with you expert tips on maintaining your heating system and increasing its longevity by up to 20 years.

Why Maintain Your Heating System?

Modern HVAC systems require minimum maintenance. You can prevent major breakdowns and costly repairs by scheduling annual maintenance services. As a homeowner, we recommend you follow the following tips shared by our experienced professional team. For heating service in Redding, CA, contact a professional today.

8 Expert Tips On How To Maintain Your Heating System

Clean The Air Filters.

Air filters inside your heater trap dust and debris in the air, providing you with healthier and cleaner air. As a homeowner, it is important to clean the air filters once a month using a brush and running water to prevent any airflow obstruction. It will also help you decrease the load on the system and increase the heating efficiency. 

Inspect for any weird smell or noise coming from your heater

Do not ignore any strange smell or noise coming from your heating system. Some of the common noise and smell complaints include:

  • A burning smell
  • Musty smell
  • Loud popping sounds
  • Squealing sounds.
  • Loud banging sounds

Immediately switch off your heater to prevent any major damage, and call for professional servicing at the earliest. For heating repair in Redding, CA, contact HVAC services today.

Clean the ducts

It is very important to clean the ducts once a year of all the dust, debris, and foreign objects that might enter the vents. Hidden dust puts more load on the system and can affect the heating effectiveness. Dust also starts to burn and creates an unpleasant burning smell. For heating maintenance in Redding, CA, contact professional technicians today.

Clear The Proximity From All The Plastic

It is very important to clear the proximity of the heater and ducts of all the plastic and flammable objects. Even the heat transfer from the vent can cause the plastic to burn and produce an unpleasant smell inside your home.

Inspect the furnace for any malfunction

It is advised to inspect your furnace for any cracks or major leaks once a year. Switch off the main switch and clean the major components like fans of the blower fan using a cloth. If you are using a gas furnace, it is important to clean the combustion chamber and check the gas valve periodically.

Inspect for any cracks and leaks

Major cracks or rust on the heater’s surface indicate gas leakage. Colorless, odorless-carbon monoxide is a gas used in the heating process. If you observe any cracks, immediately switch off the main gas supply switch and call for expert service to repair it today. Contact a professional HVAC service today for heating repair  Redding  CA.

Schedule annual service appointments

Prevention is always better than cure. We recommend you schedule annual tune-up service appointments just before the onset of the winter season to prevent major accidents, sudden breakdowns, and costly repairs. Our expert professionals work diligently to provide you with high-quality services that will increase the longevity of your heater by 5-10 years. 

Do not overuse the system

Using your HVAC system even after noticing malfunctioning signs further damages the system rendering a few important components irreparable. It is also important not to run your heater continuously even if it does not show any malfunction to prevent wear and tear of major components due to overuse.

For more information and heating repair in Redding, CA, contact Air-O-Service today. We take pride in providing you with our high-quality and customer-friendly services delivered to your doorstep. 

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