Checklist For Pre-Winter Furnaces

Checklist For Pre-Winter Furnaces

Furnaces are one of the most important appliances in your home. Keeping them well-maintained to prevent any issues during the colder months is essential. They work hard to keep your home warm and comfortable all winter. So, giving them routine maintenance and attention is important before the cold weather hits.

Here at Air-O Service, we are furnace repair Redding CA, and surrounding areas. We have put together a checklist of things to help you get your furnace ready for winter:

  • Check Your Furnace Filter: Your furnace filter should be changed at least once every 3 months. A dirty filter will make your furnace work harder, leading to more significant problems down the road.
  • Keep Your Furnace Area Clean: Furnaces need breathing room to work properly. So, ensure the area around your furnace is clean and free of clutter. It will help the furnace operate properly and prevent accidents from happening.
  • Test Your Furnace: Before you require your furnace, turn it on and let it run for a few minutes to ensure everything is working properly. Call us for furnace service in Redding CA, if you notice any strange noises or smells. We can help you troubleshoot the issue and fix your furnace before winter hits.
  • Check Your Vents: Ensure your floor vents, and exhaust vents are open and unobstructed. Furnaces need adequate airflow to work properly, so blocked vents can cause substantial issues.
  • Schedule A Furnace Tune-Up: One of the best ways to prepare your furnace for winter is to schedule a tune-up with one of our professionals. Like other mechanicals, your furnace needs regular maintenance to run efficiently and prevent extensive problems.

If you are located in Redding, CA, and the surrounding areas, contact us today for an HVAC repair in Redding CA. We will be happy to assist and prevent further failure of your system.

Benefits Of Giving An Early Care To Your Furnace

  • Improved Efficiency: Well-maintained furnaces tend to function more efficiently than those that are not. With time, dirt and debris accumulate on different parts of the furnace, thereby hampering its efficiency. By getting your furnace serviced before winter, you can ensure that it functions at its peak and doesn’t give you any trouble when you require it the most.
  • Reduced Repair Costs: By providing early care to your furnace before winter, you can avoid any possible last-minute repair costs. Early care can help reduce the wear and tear of different parts, thereby extending the lifespan of your furnace.
  • Enhanced Safety: Since furnaces use gas or oil to function, it’s important to ensure that they work properly to avoid accidents. By ensuring your furnace is cared for before winter, you can rest assured that it is safe to use and won’t threaten your family’s safety.

These are just some benefits of giving early care to your furnace. If you have any doubts or need professional assistance for furnace service in Redding, CA, contact Air-O Service today.

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