Furnace Repair: Common Furnace Problems

Furnace Repair: Common Furnace Problems

It is almost the end of November. You go out for a walk and can already feel the nip in the air. Winter is knocking at the door, and you must be ready for it. Wouldn’t you want to stay in bed, wrapped in a blanket on a chilly winter night?

However, if you don’t have a sound heating system, you might have to wake up cold in the middle of the night. Furnaces require timely maintenance, and you must not compromise on it. Our top-notch service of heating repair  Redding CA will give you an incredible feeling of having the best comfort and HVAC quality.

Here are some common furnace problems that you might come across. Make sure you take the necessary steps to resolve them at the earliest before they turn into more significant issues.

Unregulated Thermostat

Faulty wiring is one of the main reasons for any issues related to the thermostat. The thermostat may lose connection with the heating system due to old wires that fail to stay intact.

Keep checking on the thermostat to ensure that the temperature setting is correct. The heat button has to be ON at all times. Make sure not to set your thermostat to function throughout the day. It may take up a lot of energy, and the blower can get worn out.

Reduced Heating

Sometimes, circuit breakers blow due to many reasons and cause reduced heating or even no heating. Make sure to get it fixed quickly. Furnaces require a lot of maintenance, and if it does not get adequate care, it is bound to malfunction.

Reduced heating comes with cold spots and can cost you a lot if not repaired in time. Cold spots are the corners and areas that do not receive sufficient heat. That often happens due to the lack of regular maintenance.

Subsequently, the system starts functioning, causing unequal heat distribution in the room.

Clogged Filters

Cluttering can often lead to clogging in the filters, and the furnace may stop working. Keep as few objects as you can around the filter and the pipes outside. Filters are quite tricky to maintain and even trickier to clean once blocked.

Air filters need to be clean at all times. If you have not checked it for a long time, it might get clogged and results in a faulty heating system. Look for any debris around the furnace floor.

The filters are crucial to the system as they control the airflow. So, if there is any clogging, the entire system might be on the brink of malfunctioning. To avoid this, regularly look for any gunk, and try to remove it at once.

Unclean furnace surroundings

Unclean furnace surroundings can cause more problems than you can imagine. Starting with the vents, you must keep a check on the openings at least once a week. Often, there are household items like curtains that block the vent opening. It can result in decreased heat flow.

To avoid this, keep the surroundings or the openings clutter-free. Clutter can block the openings to the extent that the airflow is compromised. Besides, contaminated burners can be an issue as well. If your burner flame doesn’t look blue enough, it is time to look for furnace repair  Redding CA.

Here are some additional issues to look out for when you install a new heating system:

  • Dry furnace blowers: You need to lubricate the furnace blowers at least twice a year to prevent them from drying. Oil helps to smooth out the operation.
  • Tripped limit switch: Frequently check for any tripped limit switches. It can save you from a good deal of hassle caused due to overheating.

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