Heating Systems and How to Repair Them

Heating Systems and How to Repair Them

Heating systems have become typical and sometimes even a piece of crucial equipment to have in a home. A great heating system equips your house with an environment of comfort. They not only keep your home warm, as the name suggests but also control humidity and keep the indoor air clean. We offer heating service  Redding CA at an unbeatable price. Our main motive only is customer satisfaction.

Heating systems can be of various types, and knowing how these different systems work will help you use them more efficiently and maintain them for a longer time. The five basic heating systems include:

  • Forced air systems: These are also known as the central heating system and are commonly found in residential homes, retail stores, and even large buildings. A network of ducts is installed in the interior walls, while a furnace distributes forced air through them. The furnaces can vary depending on the type of fuel they use and can be powered by oil, electricity, propane, etc.
  • Electric systems: People who do not have access to oil, propane, or natural gas most commonly opt for this system. The electrical system involves the installation of baseboard heaters that are controlled individually with a thermostat. Though they are quite effective, these systems involve higher energy costs.
  •  Heat pumps/ Geothermal systems: Heat pumps might be the most energy-efficient system out there. They operate on the principle of directing compressed air from one place to another. This consumes minimal energy compared to other heating systems that generate heat by using fuel or electricity. Geothermal systems (a type of heat pump that uses earth or water for heating) may be the priciest heating systems due to the setup cost.
  • Radiant heat systems: Residences that have a boiler use this type of heating system. Boiling water is distributed through tubes laid beneath the floor. The boilers in this system also use fuel oil, propane, electricity, or natural gas to generate heat.
  • Steam radiant heat systems: These systems involve radiators and are usually found in old homes and buildings. A boiler may also be used with this system to provide hot water to the radiators.

Heating system repairs:

Heater Repair

Different heating systems may require distinct repair and maintenance solutions. However, practicing preventive measures can give your unit a longer lifespan and improve your comfort.

Make sure you ask the best provider of heating repair in Redding, CA, for an annual check-up, especially before the temperatures start to drop. Also, be on the lookout for odd smells, strange and loud sounds, a rise in energy bills even with consistent usage, and uneven temperatures.

What you can do?

If you notice any of these discrepancies in your heat system, you should contact an HVAC professional for repair services. You can also follow a few maintenance tips such as cleaning the filters and ducts regularly, checking the thermostat and humidity levels, checking the power and gas connections, and heading the warning signs before they become problematic.

If regular maintenance does not work and you require heating repair  Redding CA, you can contact Air-O Service the best HVAC repair in Redding, CA. One of the most popular and reliable HVAC service companies, we provide great customer service and timely repairs.

Our HVAC experts’ crew provides friendly and efficient services that are vouched for by the various reviews given by the customers in and around Redding. We also offer heating service in Redding, CA & furnace service  Redding CA.

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