How Much Does An HVAC Repair And Maintenance Cost?

How Much Does An HVAC Repair And Maintenance Cost?

Everyone has to go through a malfunctioning HVAC unit, a broken furnace, or any other electrical appliance at some point in his/her life. Most of the time, HVAC issues are minor, and a quick fix by a professional is enough.

However, when it comes to complete breakdowns, we often stress about the hefty amount we have to pay for emergency heating service in Redding CA.  

What to do in this situation? HVAC repairs are unavoidable in some cases, and you must call a trusted expert to guide you with the necessary steps to take. 

Take a look at average HVAC Repair and Maintenance Costs:

  • An AC repair service costs around $125-$459.
  • A Furnace repair cost generally ranges from $125 to $355.
  • For a complete system tune-up, most HVAC service providers charge between $135-$300.

A professional hand is a necessity in cases of major issues which you might not have an idea about. But, here are a few things you can try before hiring a professional:

  • In case of a power fluctuation, check the circuit breakers and flip them back to the correct position if they have tripped. 
  • Change the thermostat batteries after every few months.
  • Keep your HVAC unit clean and dirt-free.

Other than these essential tips, remember to call a trained technician to get your heating and cooling system checked annually.

How much does a professional HVAC technician charge?

According to Home Guide, labor costs for HVAC repair may vary depending on the HVAC issue you are facing. While professional HVAC technicians charge  $75 to $150 per hour for labor in most situations, in the case of emergencies, labor costs can rise to $140 to $210 per hour. Therefore, to avoid expensive HVAC repair in Redding CA, you must hire an expert for HVAC tune-up & maintenance.

Besides, when your HVAC system malfunctions because of a single part, it can be repaired or replaced individually. According to Fix, here is the list of equipment parts that usually needs repair.

  • A clogged air filter repair is most common and costs up to $75 to $195
  • Thermostat replacement may cost you $50 to $450
  • Repairing a broken blower or malfunctioning circuit board costs up between $100 to $150
  • Replacement of a broken expansion valve or a capacitor costs between $150 to $200
  • A damaged compressor pump is on the expensive side where you have to invest $1,000 to $2,500 for repairing it.

Now, don’t forget that maintenance can help your HVAC systems work smoothly for years. So check out how much maintenance services generally cost. 

HVAC maintenance to save expensive repairs

According to, a furnace tune-up can cost you $99 to $200 on average. Other than this, an AC tune-up generally is priced between $85 to $175 & a complete HVAC system tune-up is $135 to $300. Fortunately, the tune-up services are comprehensive, which guarantee to boost the performance of your HVAC equipment.

Taking preventative measures will always help you save money. Therefore, if your HVAC system is malfunctioning, and you are looking for a professional heating and air Redding CA & a maintenance expert, call Air-O Service the best AC company in Redding, CA now, and curb the possibility of expensive AC repair in Redding, CA & AC service in Redding, California. 

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