Things to Check Before Calling Emergency Heating Service

Things to Check Before Calling Emergency Heating Service

Emergency heating service  Redding CA, is a life savior for all of us! When the heating unit breaks down without prior notice, emergency services are the perfect solution in the winter months. However, did you understand that there are some things that you should inspect before calling for an emergency service? 

Before calling for an emergency repair service, all contractors expect you to inspect your heating unit and some other parts of the HVAC units. We’ve compiled a checklist of things so you know what to do before you make the call!

Checklist Items

  1. Thermostat calibration: Before you call a contractor, the first thing to do is determine whether your thermostat is calibrated correctly. Have you set the correct temperature? It would be great if you also tried resetting your thermostat before you call a contractor.
  2. Machine indicators: Do you usually see a green light on your heating unit? Is it green, or is it red? If it is red, the machine tells you that you need furnace repair  Redding CAto fix the problem.
  3. Blown circuits or fuse: Has there been a blackout or electrical surge in your neighborhood during the past 24-48 hours? If the answer is yes, the problem is that your fuse and your circuit breaker have blown. No need to call for a contractor. Just replace these yourself!
  4. Clear outdoor unit: Does the outdoor unit have leaves, grass clippings, or other debris surrounding it? If the response is yes, here is your problem! This debris is blocking the airflow to your unit. Clear it out and recheck your heating unit. If this is the problem, there is no need to call a heating repair in Redding CA, if this is the problem!
  5. Disconnections: Is the electrical plug from your unit discharged? Your unit may have stopped working because it does not have access to power. Check if this is the problem.
  6. Dirty filters: Inspect the air filters in your indoor and outdoor unit. Are they clean? These are responsible for maintaining adequate airflow. If these are clogged, you may not receive any warm air. You can clean your filters with soap and water without any industrial equipment.

What To Do Next?

If the items in this checklist aren’t the problem, then calling a contractor is the best solution. A dependable contractor may be capable of helping you out. You can:

  1. Contact your contractor: Call your contractor instead of sending a message or email. This will make the service go a lot faster.
  2. Describe your problem: One common thing that most homeowners do is describe the activity leading up to the problem. Don’t do that. Instead, tell the contractor about any abnormalities in functioning, any symptoms you may have noticed, or if you’ve made any changes. Describe your problem in detail. Sometimes the contractor may be able to tell you the solution!
  3. Wait for the contractor to come!

If you don’t have a contractor, you can always choose Air-o-service. We provide excellent and budget-friendly packages for all their services. In addition, we provide excellent HVAC repair  Redding CA, and emergency services for all heating units. You can book our emergency service by calling (530) 221-4691 or emailing

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