Try These 3 Quick Fixes If Your Heat Pump Is Not Working!

Try These 3 Quick Fixes If Your Heat Pump Is Not Working!

As the winter approaches, heat pumps will become the most used units in all homes in California. All homeowners know the minimum maintenance and tune-up requirements of their tune-ups and when they should call heating repair  Redding, CA. But what about quick-fix ideas? After many considerations, we’ve brought together three simple solutions to heat pump problems. 

Three Quick and Straightforward Solutions

1. Clean Your Outdoor Unit

Does your heat pump have an outdoor unit? Do you know what it does? It is responsible for providing clean air to your heat pump. This means it often filters out particles in the air to ensure the air quality improves. Unfortunately, a lot of heat pump problems originate because of this unit’s condition. You can clean this unit yourself, or you can call a contractor who provides furnace service  Redding, CA, to complete the job for you!

2. Reset Your Thermostat

Many times the problem isn’t with your heating unit. Instead, it’s with the thermostat. Instead of calling repair service immediately, reset your thermostat. Resetting instructions for your thermostat can be found on the packaging or instruction manual provided by the manufacturer. Alternatively, you can also find instructions online. Some manufacturers have uploaded videos for resetting and recalibrating thermostats on their websites, Youtube accounts, or even blogs.

3. Restart Your Unit

Restarting your unit sounds like a simple fix, but most people don’t think of it at the last minute! The first thing any heating and air in Redding, CA, will do is restart your unit to see whether the problem solves itself. Why not test this out yourself before calling a contractor? If the problem is solved, you may save some money.

These are our top 3 quick solutions for heating problems. If you’ve scoured the net, you may find many more. However, we recommend not trying them. Some popular solutions you will find online include:

  1. Opening the unit to inspect the wiring.
  2. Replace the fuse box (if it is blown) by yourself.
  3. Replace the circuit breaker.
  4. Disconnect and reconnect the fuel line.
  5. Disconnect and reconnect all electrical connections.
  6. Require the unit, and Many More.

We Always Recommend NOT Trying These Quick Fixes. Why?

  • You may not be experienced: Heating units are delicate machines. One wrong wire can destroy the entire unit and force you to buy a new one. Therefore, trial and error are not worth it in the long run.
  • It voids your warranty: All heating units come with the warranty condition that qualified technicians can only repair them. The minute you try a DIY, the warranty is null and void. This means you will have to bear all further charges.
  • It can compound the problem!

If these quick fixes don’t work, find a reliable contractor to help you out. If you don’t know any good contractor for heating service  Redding CAAir-o-service is the perfect choice for you. They provide reliable, affordable, and long-lasting services for all heating units. You can book their services by calling their technician at (530) 221-4691 or emailing

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