10 Reasons Why Air Conditioners Need Repair and Servicing

10 Reasons Why Air Conditioners Need Repair and Servicing

Like any other electrical appliances, air conditioners require periodic professional servicing for maximum efficiency and minimal breakdowns. Contacting a professional HVAC repair  Redding, CA, can help you save hundreds of dollars of extra expenditure on your HVAC system.

10 Signs Your Air Conditioner Requires Professional Servicing

Inefficient cooling

Air filters inside an air conditioner trap dust and microbes inside the room and help circulate cleaner air. Over time, the dust accumulates over the air filters and clogs them, resulting in obstructive and unhealthy airflow. You can enjoy your air conditioner’s maximum unobstructed cooling efficiency by scheduling a regular AC repair Redding CA

Unpleasant smell

  • Gas leaks like smell are usually due to refrigerant leaks.
  • A rotten egg-like smell can be due to a dead rodent or bird trapped inside your air conditioner. 
  • A gunpowder-like smell is usually associated with faulty motor and electrical issues. Do not overuse the system and call for AC repair in Redding, California. 
  • A stinking feet-like smell is associated with water clogging inside the air conditioner unit and clogged drain pipes.

AC is turning off on its own

An incorrect thermostat setting can disrupt your air conditioner’s normal cooling cycle, leading to frequent cut-offs and shorter cooling cycles. Always check the thermostat setting mode after switching your air conditioner to avoid discomfort.

Water is leaking from your air conditioner

The evaporator coil inside an air conditioner removes excess heat and moisture from the air. Water dripping from your air conditioner indicates a frozen evaporator coil and is best repaired by expert technicians. Do not overuse the system and call for professional service at the earliest. 

Unusual noises coming from your HVAC system

  • Banging and cracking noises are usually due to obstruction in the outdoor unit due to stones, twigs, or a broken fan.
  • Screeching noises usually show a broken, worn-out belt and an overloaded compressor. 
  • Pulsating and rhythmic sounds could be due to a loose fan blade, broken plastic base of your air conditioner, or contact of AC walls with the refrigerant. 
  • The whistling sound can be due to an obstruction in the motor fan, loss of charge in the capacitor, or a malfunctioning thermostat. 
  • Humming noises are due to low lubrication levels inside your AC. Other causes include motor malfunction, bent fin coils, and contact failure.

AC is running continuously

Your air conditioner is short-cycling if it’s generating more than five cooling cycles per hour. It decreases longevity and increases your system’s energy consumption, generating higher utility bills.

Ice formation inside the air conditioner

Ice indicates a frozen evaporator coil. Call for professional AC repair in Redding, CA, for professional AC installation services. 

Any obstruction in the motor fan

Any obstruction in the outdoor unit fan can create unusual noises. Ensure the area is free of obstruction by twigs, sticks, and stones. Do not try to open the outdoor unit without professional assistance.

Faulty or loose wiring

Always switch off the air conditioner at the first sign of electrical malfunction to prevent an electrical fire. Do not try to inspect the loose wires without proper insulating gloves, and wait for professional assistance. In case of fire, don’t use water, it only aggravates the fire. Instead, use a CO2 fire extinguisher or sand.

Spike in energy bills

Air conditioners are one of the most energy-intensive appliances, and when your utility bills are shooting, you know something is wrong with your air conditioner. Schedule a professional AC tune-up service and ask for a professional opinion on replacement options.

If you notice any signs listed above, it indicates your air conditioner requires repair and servicing. Book an appointment with Air-O HVAC repair services in Redding, CA. 

Advantages Of Regular Service Appointments:

By scheduling regular service appointments with our highly trained professionals, you can increase the longevity of your air conditioner, enjoy maximum cooling benefits, and prevent sudden breakdowns in the middle of the summer heatwave. Contact Air-O Service today to book an appointment. Contact- 530-221-4691 for heating repair  Redding CA.

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