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AC Repair In Redding, CASummers can be pretty ruthless on people. This sweltering weather makes it intolerable for almost every person to relish or perform tasks outside. The crisp air from your air conditioning unit can bring a feeling of relaxation and relief after coming home after a long and tiring summer day. 

Hence, it is always important for every homeowner to take proper care of your air conditioning unit to ensure that your unit always remains in a top-notch condition to save you from a lot of hassles of major breakdowns and costly repairs. 

This is why we at Air-O Service always strive to present you with prompt and high-quality air conditioning repair in Redding, CA so that you always relish an uninterrupted cooling experience. 

The Preeminent AC Repair Contractor In Redding California

Air-O Service is one of the preeminent HVAC contractors in California with ages of expertise and know-how in this industry. We always understand that the problems related to air conditioners can leave you uncomfortable during the prickly summer heat, and every homeowner holds distinct repair-related issues. 

This is why we hold a wide variety of technicians who are experts in handling all your diverse air conditioner problems and also tailor our assistance to befit your budget specifications. In addition, we can also help you pick the appropriate air conditioning unit that is most effective and cost-efficient. 

What Services Do We Offer Including AC Repair in Redding CA?

During those hot summer days, the air conditioning units are your only companion. The sultry temperature outside makes the unit strive harder for an extended time resulting in the breakdown and failure when you require it the most.

Hence, to limit these breakdowns and failures, routine maintenance and timely repairs by reliable professionals is the only way. We provide a wide range of HVAC related services to our clients, and that includes:

  • AC servicing and cleaning 
  • AC repair
  • AC inspection
  • AC installation
  • AC replacement 
  • Preventative maintenance

Why Choose Us For Air Conditioning Repair in Redding CA?

  • Most high-grade products: We employ only high-quality products for all the repair and maintenance-related services performed by us.


  • Accredited and trusted: We are a committed and dependable company rendering quality HVAC-related assistance. We are an accredited company and are verified and approved for all our services.


  • Excellent services: The products and assistance we provide are always of the most excellent quality. Our technicians and professionals are adequately skilled and competent with a lot of expertise in their diverse fields.


  • Expertise: Our technicians have been rendering customers with the most reliable HVAC-related assistance for years, and this is why we are the most preferred name in this industry. Our company warrants that only outfitted professionals will manage your devices with knowledge and safety. 


  • Round-the-clock availability: We extend our HVAC crisis assistance 24*7 without any restrictions while presenting you with a signed guarantee to build our customer’s credence in us.

Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs Repair

Air conditioners are a boon from technology. Unfortunately, these boons do end up breaking down at times, especially when you need them the most. And with the scorching heat that might end up evaporating the roads, you need to stay on top of your game of AC repair services

  • Hot Air

If and when you feel that your AC is letting out warm air, the first thing you should do is check the thermostat. Your thermostat should ideally be on a temperature lower than your house’s temperature and cooling mode. If your thermostat is fine, but there is still warm hair coming out of the machine and giving you a headache, you might need to service your AC.

  • Leakage

Leakage is one of the signs of repair that could end up troubling you a lot. Your air conditioner relies on a refrigerant to cool your house, and this refrigerant may let out water while operating. Even then, this water should in no way be leaking out of the air conditioner.

Not only could this water leak lead to mildew, but it could also pose a threat to the health of your family. Most refrigerant holes are placed outside your house, so when and if you find water around your air conditioner, contact a company for AC repair in Redding CA immediately.

  • Hear Strange AC Noises

You might be a fan of horror stories, but on an off chance you end up hearing strange noises from your AC, you are going to have to call for AC repair services in Redding CA, instead of an exorcist. These sounds could be anything from screeching, pounding to grinding clamors.

Calling an expert right away will prevent your air conditioner from getting more damage. These noises are caused by parts that might have come loose in the framework of the air conditioner. If not inspected and fixed fast, they can cause a further breakdown.

  • AC Doesn’t Start

Your air conditioner relies on an electrical part known as the capacitor to turn on. It’s included in each air conditioner and is a fundamental part of the framework. If you notice that your AC is not turning on, there might be an issue with the capacitor. By and large, when the capacitor falls flat, it should be supplanted totally.

  • Bad Odor

If you smell terrible scents and think that they’re coming from your air conditioner, you’ll need to manage the issue before it gets smellier. Luckily, a visit will disclose to the AC repair experts in Redding CA, whether your air system needs a check-up and a total cleaning meeting or if your cooling framework needs an all the more cutting edge arrangement.

While these are only five signs, there are a few others that you might come across. It is recommended you take notice of any weird sign from your AC.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do people find a vacuum leak in an air conditioner?

There is no single method that meets every condition and criterion, as there is for practically every aspect of vacuum systems. Turn the unit off and then get a leak to detect liquid. Some good dish soap and a little water. Stir it up with a brush till there are bubbles. Then spread the bubbles on all fittings and anywhere the tubing may have come in contact with the cabinet.

How to make my air conditioner stop smelling bad?

When you switch on the air conditioner and notice a foul odor, it’s a sign that the machine isn’t working properly. Unwanted scents are frequently caused by damage or malfunction of the air conditioner. Clean the inside unit, clean the drain hose, then replace and clean the filter to get rid of this noxious odor. It is preferable that you clean with bleach.

Does turning the AC on and off cost more?

This is dependent on your usage behavior as well as your temperature settings. Most of the time, it’s more cost-effective to turn on the air conditioning just when it’s really necessary. Rather than keeping it on for the entire 24-hour cycle to maintain the temperature.

Do I need to vacuum an AC compressor?

Vacuuming an air conditioner is necessary to remove any air or moisture that could cause long-term damage to the system. Moisture in the air conditioning system is a severe issue since it affects the system’s performance and can cause it to freeze if water condensation occurs.

What is that loud knocking sound coming from my AC?

There are a lot of possibilities for why your air conditioner is generating noises in the indoor unit, but the knocking is caused by evaporator coil icing or a compressor that isn’t working properly. Frozen evaporator coils are caused by reduced airflow and coolant leakage.

How to repair leaks in an HVAC ductwork?

The first step in fixing HVAC ductwork is to locate leaks. HVAC ductwork can be repaired by fixing loose flex connections, applying metallic foil tape, and brushing on a coat of duct mastic.

Is it okay to use an AC without service?

Although the AC’s mechanical components will continue to function, the cooling power will be removed, and the system will begin to suffer catastrophic damage. Because of these problems, the cost of repairing or even replacing some parts will be higher. The compressor will overheat or perhaps burn out, necessitating the replacement of the entire system.

Can an AC compressor be repaired?

Although the AC’s mechanical components will continue to function, the cooling power will be removed, and the system will begin to suffer catastrophic damage. Because of these problems, the cost of repairing or even replacing some parts will be higher. The compressor will overheat or perhaps burn out, necessitating the replacement of the entire system.

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