Four Signs that Suggest Your Air Conditioner Needs a Repair

Due to how hot the summer tends to get in Redding, it has become a norm for every household to own an air conditioner to combat the heat. However, due to its continuous use, the system can require an AC repair in Redding, CA.

Most of the time, people tend not to realize that their system needs a repair until it is too late. This can be frustrating as they are required to wait in the heat till the system gets fixed. On the other hand, if one notices the signs that show the system needs a repair, then one can have it fixed before it breaks down.

Signs that Your AC System Requires a Repair

There are certain tells that your system provides, which suggest it is time to have it repaired. Some commonly spotted signs air conditioner repair signs are:

  • High electricity bill

This is one of the most common signs that suggest the need to call for an AC repair in Redding, CA. While it is common for the electricity bill to increase in summer due to frequent use of ACs, a sudden increase can signify that there is an issue with the system. This is often related to a decrease in the system’s efficiency, requiring it to need a higher amount of power to perform efficiently.

  • Poor airflow

Restricted airflow can be due to the system’s air filter being clogged. The main duty of the air filter is to remove any dust particles and allergens present in the air before releasing them. However, if the filters haven’t been cleaned or changed regularly, they can clog up, preventing proper airflow as well as poor indoor air quality. It is better to call for a repair in case other issues may have come up.

  • Weird Smells and Sounds

Though some AC units have a particular smell to them, strange moldy or burning smells mean it is time to call for a repair. This also applies to any weird noises that you hear from within the system. It could mean that parts have come loose or the system has jammed up. Without immediate care, the problem can get worse, which would result in the system breaking down.

  • Liquid pooling around the System

If you notice any liquid around or under the air conditioner, the first thing to do is switch the system off and call for a repair. The liquid could be water that has leaked out due to the condensate pan overflowing or a leak in the drain pipe. However, it could also be the refrigerant which can be harmful if not handled properly. Leaking refrigerant also means that the system’s refrigerant level is low, preventing the system from functioning properly.

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