How Often Does My Air Conditioning Need Service?

How Often Does My Air Conditioning Need Service?

Air conditioning units provide comfort and create a healthy indoor environment in homes and businesses. To keep these units running efficiently, they need regular AC service in Redding, California, and an annual air conditioning tune-up.

Instances Of When You Should Obtain HVAC Repair In Redding, CA

A yearly service is recommended, and if the unit is frequently used or if there are signs of trouble, it may need service more frequently. Some signs that show the need for AC repair:

• Yearly Maintenance

It is recommended to have a professional air conditioning repair in Redding, California, at least once a year, usually in the spring before the summer season starts. This ensures that the unit is ready to work efficiently when it is needed the most.

• Filter Replacements

A dirty air filter can reduce the unit’s efficiency and cause damage to the system. It is recommended to replace the air filter every three months or as needed.

• Strange Odor Or Noise

If you notice any strange noises or odors from the air conditioning unit, or if it is not cooling efficiently, it’s time to call an AC company in Redding, CA, like Air-O Service.

• High Usage

If the air conditioning unit is used frequently, it may need a service more frequently. For example, units in commercial buildings or homes with pets may need more attention.

• Age Of The Unit

Older units may need more maintenance and service as they age and become less efficient.

• Warranty Requirements

Some air conditioning units have a warranty, which may require regular maintenance to keep them valid. It is essential to check the manufacturer’s guidelines and follow them to ensure that the warranty remains valid.

Are You In Need Of AC Service In Redding, California?

The frequency of HVAC repair in Redding, CA, depends on several factors, including the usage, age of the unit, and the manufacturer’s guidelines. Regular maintenance and service will keep the unit running efficiently and prolong its lifespan.

You can contact our professionals at Air-O Service for the best air conditioning repair in Redding, CA. Call us today to schedule an appointment or if you have any questions.

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