Why Is My Air Conditioner Freezing Up?

Why Is My Air Conditioner Freezing Up?

Heating devices and air conditioners in Redding, CA, keep us cool and comfortable during the summer and warm in winter. An issue you may experience after with your air conditioner is it freezing up over time. As the ice begins to impede the movement of the air, the airflow from the vents is reduced.

Air- O Service is a professional HVAC company providing AC repair in Redding, CA, We perform thorough inspections, diagnoses problems, and offers recommendations on how to avoid recurring problems.

Here Are Reasons Which May Be Causing Your AC To Freeze Up :

There are a few common causes of your air conditioner freezing up. Check out the following points by our heating and air experts in Redding, CA, to determine the issue with your air conditioner.

• Clogged Condensate Drain Line

Water can overflow the drip tray if debris or particles block the drain line. The evaporator coil can freeze depending on its temperature. You may need to contact our experts for AC repair in Redding, CA, to resolve this issue. 

Our AC company  Redding CA, can help prevent such problems and ensure that your AC system works smoothly. You should schedule an air conditioning service near you to prevent such issues.

• Poor Airflow

Inadequate airflow is one of the main causes of frozen air conditioners. For example, a damaged air duct can prevent warm air from moving over the evaporator coil in the home, causing condensation and requiring urgent HVAC repair in Redding, CA.

During this time, the compressor will continue to run, and the condensed water will turn into ice. By inspecting and fixing duct leaks and blockages, improving airflow, and preventing ice accumulations, our heating and air experts in Redding, CA, can prevent ice from forming in your HVAC system.

• Low Refrigerant

If your AC unit has low refrigerant levels or has decreased due to leakage over time, your saturation point temperature will decrease, which can result in ice building up on it. The system does not work efficiently with a low refrigerant level.

When the temperature drops below 32°F, the reduced pressure can cause the water vapor around it to freeze on the coil’s surface. Our technicians can detect leaks and fix the problem when you schedule AC service  Redding California.

• Dirty Air Filter And Blockage In Ducts

Changing your air filters at least once every three months would be beneficial if you want to postpone HVAC repair in Redding, CA, as long as possible. Dirty filters can clog and disrupt airflow. Blocked or broken ducts can also bring on airflow reductions.

Regular maintenance by a reputable AC company in Redding, CA, may assist in finding broken ducts and restoring them, keeping your AC’s components from freezing.

How To Fix A Frozen AC In Redding, CA?

You may remove the ice from the AC unit using three different techniques explained by our AC company in Redding, CA. If you take care of the issue as soon as you see it, all of these ways will only take a few hours to melt the ice.

• Method 1

  • Wait until the ice melts before disconnecting the AC unit from the main power source.
  • When the ice has melted entirely, wait until the evaporator coil has dried before turning on your air conditioner.

• Method 2

  • Utilize the fan-only setting on your air conditioner until all the ice has melted.
  • Wait until the evaporator coil is dry and free of moisture.
  • You can adjust the thermostat settings once the evaporator coil has dried.

• Method 3

  • To melt ice blocks, use a water hose to spray water in their direction.
  • Follow this approach with caution, and safeguard the motor’s internal wiring.
  • When the ice has melted, either use a towel to dry the coil or allow it to air dry.

Air- O Service experts technicians will explain why the outdoor unit AC freezes and how to fix the issue quickly and safely. You can call our staff at (530) 221-4691 or email us for HVAC repair in Redding, CA, today to learn more about our services.

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