Why Should You Wait Before Restarting Your AC

Why Should You Wait Before Restarting Your AC

It seems impossible to spend the day comfortably if the air conditioning system breaks down suddenly. The worst thing that could happen apart from broken AC is no emergency repair services available. Luckily we offer emergency AC repair  Redding CA.

It is essential to know some hacks that could temporarily resolve the issue until the technician comes and fixes it. Air-O Services will tell you what to do when the AC starts to work abruptly. 

How to Fix a Malfunctioning AC? 

It happens when the AC starts malfunctioning during the peak times in the summer season. Two main reasons why it happens are: 

  • An issue is building inside the AC unit that needs to be fixed immediately. 
  • Due to excessively long working hours, the AC system functioning gets disrupted. 

Whatever the reason is, the AC needs to be temporarily fixed so that you can spend the time with cooling services. If you do not know the fault and why it is happening, there is only one way to fix the AC. Restart the AC unit! Our top-notch service of HVAC repair  Redding CA will give you an incredible feeling of having the best comfort and HVAC quality.

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How to Restart an AC Unit? 

Restarting the AC can be done in five simple steps: 

  • Switch off the AC from the thermostat. 
  • Take the AC plug out from the main socket. 
  • Find the reset button in the outdoor unit. 
  • Press the reset button and wait for 3-4 minutes. 
  • Put the plug inside the socket and switch on the AC. 

If you do not know where the reset button is, you can find its whereabouts in the AC instruction manual. You can also look for it on the internet by typing the model name in the search. 

Is There any Need to Wait for 3-4 Minutes Before Starting the AC Unit? 

It is a curious question why experts wait for 3-4 minutes after resetting the AC to switch it on. When you press the reset button, several other components reboot along with the AC system. If you do not wait for a few minutes and switch on the AC immediately after pressing the reset button, all the components will start with a jerk. 

The pressure can lead to various other problems that can lead the AC unit to provide inefficient services and develop new problems. 

Does Restarting the AC Unit Fix the Problem? 

In most cases, resetting the AC fixes the problem. However, if the problem continues to persist in the system, you need the expertise of an AC repair technician for a quick solution.

Luckily if you need an heating repair  Redding CA, you are at the correct destination. Dial the Air-O Service HVAC center in Redding, CA, anytime.

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