Experience Fall Furnace Advice; How Often Should a Gas Furnace be Serviced?

With the arrival of the winter season, almost every homeowner looks forward to staying cuddled under layers of blankets, warm clothes, and the furnace operating well. You must ensure that your heating system remains in a top working condition, readily generating heat. 

Also, preparing your heating system before the winter season arrives is a vital step and scheduling a furnace repair in Redding, CA, is essential. Moreover, gas furnaces are prone to numerous breakdowns and damages as they remain exposed to volatile resources like natural gas at all times. 

Therefore, to control a sudden malfunctioning of your furnace system, your gas heating system has to get maintained and tuned up regularly. But how often should your gas furnace be maintained? Let’s find out!

Common Gas Furnace Issues

Numerous common problems can strike your gas furnace, leading to a decline in its performance. These issues, if ignored, can lower the life of your heating system and will cost you hefty repair expenses. In addition, the heater stops warming your place, leaving you shivering in the cold weather. Some of the most common heating issues are as follows:

  • Dirty filters: One of the most typical issues is dirty furnace filters. Dirty filters obstruct the airflow of your heating machine and stop your system from producing warm air. Washing and changing air filters routinely can keep your machine fit.
  • Broken heat exchanger: Another familiar yet harmful issue is a malfunctioning heat exchanger. A broken heat exchanger then drips toxins like carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen oxides resulting from a lack of routine maintenance and requires heating repair in Redding, CA
  • Faulty pilot light: A defective pilot light is a heating issue experienced by many homeowners. It might occur either due to a blocked pilot or when the pilot switch did not get pushed down accurately to discharge the gas. Hence to avoid the recurring occurrences of this problem, ensure that your furnace remains well-maintained. 

How Often Should Your Gas Furnace Get Serviced?

Now answering the principal question, you should tune up your gas furnace at least once a year, either in the jump or the fall. But, of course, maintaining your heating system twice a year would be worthwhile too. 

In addition, annual servicing is the most suitable way to keep all types of furnace issues at bay. It also extends the lifespan of your machine, saving you the funds spent on numerous repairs and replacements. 

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