Heater Maintenance And Tune-Up In Redding, CA

Heater Maintenance And Tune-Up In Redding, Anderson, Cottonwood, CA, And The Surrounding Areas

Why Maintenance Is Important?

If you invested in a car, you’d take it to the shop every so often to make sure it was working perfectly and that there were no issues growing, so why wouldn’t you do the same for your heater? Both items are costly and important investments for your day-to-day comfort, and both need to be taken care of. This is why Air-O Service offers heating service in Redding, CA, and the surrounding areas.

We recognize that your investments are important, and we want to take good care of them for you. When you schedule a maintenance visit, we will take care of everything. The inspection will be done by our best technicians, and we will work hard to optimize your system performance and keep it running at its maximum potential


Solving Problems Before They Appear

One of the greatest benefits of heater maintenance and tune-up in Redding, Anderson, Cottonwood, CA, and the surrounding areas is that it allows a professional to solve problems with your equipment before they even appear. By inspecting your system on a normal basis, a technician can notice some of the small issues developing and patch them quickly before they grow into anything worse.

By doing this, you avoid many of the big problems altogether, creating a scenario where your heater is able to run smoothly without issue for longer periods of time. This type of pre-emptive care can save you hundreds of dollars by decreasing the risks of malfunctions, thus decreasing the money you spend on emergency repairs.

Call Today To Start Feeling The Benefits Of Maintenance


The benefits of heating repair in Redding, CA and the surrounding areas can be felt almost instantly. By keeping your system efficient, you will be receiving maximum comfort from your heater. We want you to be happy and satisfied, so we will do our best to make sure that everything is always working just as expected. Call us today at (530) 221-4691 to schedule your first maintenance appointment at your earliest convenience!

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Raffle Prize Details

11:00 AM One (1) Annual HVAC System Preventative Maintenance Plan
11:20 AM I-Wave Air Quality Product
11:40 AM Waived Dispatch Fee on any regular service call
12:00 PM One (1) Programmable Thermostat for any Package Unit, Minisplit or Conventional Split System
12:20 PM $500 OFF Any HVAC Complete System Install
12:40 PM One (1) Whole House Fan
1:00 PM One (1) Box of HVAC Filters for any Traditional Unit or Evaporative Cooler
1:20 PM One (1) Roll of any size cooler pad media or hogs hair roll
1:40 PM One After Hours Dispatch Fee Waived during regular service call
2:00 PM Complete HVAC System- Installed by Air-O Service