Mitsubishi Ductless AC Maintenance In Redding, CA

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Mitsubishi Ductless AC Maintenance In Redding, CA, and Surrounding Areas

Well, we all wish that our journeys with air conditioners ended the day we had them installed. After all, didn’t the thing cost us a few thousand bucks?

Sadly, this is not always the case. Every once in a while, your ductless HVAC system will require maintenance from an experienced professional.

Here in California, the weather gives your Mitsubishi Ductless AC a few more years in terms of mileage, but it won’t be long before it requires maintenance. Contact us to schedule your appointment for Mitsubishi Ductless Air Conditioning Repair Redding, CA.

Why You Need Maintenance?

We understand. Maintenance, especially for a faulty AC, may seem like one of those things that ruin a beautiful afternoon and a few hundred bucks. The thought of dismissing it is never too far away.

However, an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. Catching problems in your Ductless Ac early goes a long way in preventing you from making costly repairs or even pricier new purchases later.

Well, where do I start? You must be wondering.

First and foremost, engaging a reliable and experienced HVAC repair in Redding, CA is going half the distance in your journey for quality HVAC maintenance.

Choose Air-O-Service  for Mitsubishi Ductless Maintenance in Redding 

There are thousands of HVAC repair firms in Redding and California at large. However, Very few of them can match the exceptional service and value we offer here at Air-O Service at the backdrop of an unmatched reputation and years of experience. For more information, contact us today and let us be part of your story.

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When Does Your Minisplit Need Maintenance?

Before you call in your HVAC Company for maintenance, you must know whether your Ductless Mitsubishi HVAC system is broken in the first place.

As standard practice, it is advisable to have routine inspections of your HVAC system at least once every year. This will always have you one step ahead of issues that your HVAC system may develop and give you enough time for preparation or savings.

Within inspection periods or for those who don’t have regular inspections, there will always be tell-tale signs that your Mitsubishi Ductless HVAC system is not in its right condition.

Always be on the lookout for:

Unpleasant Odor

You shouldn’t be getting a whiff of anything anytime you pass by your Ductless HVAC system, at least most of the time.

If you happen to, there’s definitely a problem. For HVAC systems that are rarely cleaned or maintained, a slight odor may build up over the years

Unusual or Odd Noises

Ductless HVAC systems are one of the nimblest air conditioning out there. This is probably a selling point that made you buy them in the first place.

However, if your mini-split or other ductless HVAC system starts producing odd noises, it’s high time you get in touch with your maintenance company.

Warning Operation

One of the signs of a healthy Ductless HVAC air conditioning system, especially from a reliable manufacturer like Mitsubishi, is consistent operation.

If by any chance you notice that your AC is weakening as time goes by, maintenance is long overdue. This is one of the most common signs of a refrigerant leak.

Dirty Filters

Dirty filters are one of the first signs of a faulty HVAC system. Replacing the filters is usually the first instinct for many owners. However, if the stained or greased filters continue even after filter replacement, it’s high time you consider maintenance.

Reverse Temperature Regulation

If your ductless Ac system heats your house when it’s supposed to be cooling it and vice-versa, that’s a sign the size of the HOLLYWOOD landmark that things are not okay.

Most of the time, this reversed temperature regulation is a result of a broken reversive valve causing the system to get stuck in one regulation mode

What Minisplit Maintenance Entails?

An extensive Mitsubishi Ductless AC system entails a variety of procedures. Most of these revolve around general inspection, detection, and repair. Some of the maintenance procedures include:

The Airflow Is Checked and Cleaned

Unrestricted airflow is necessary for the heat pumps to move air from the internal to the external heat exchange coils, an essential operation in the functioning of any ductless HVAC system.

During the maintenance of your HVAC system, the airflow will be inspected and cleaned in case it has obstructions or dirt. The air filters and outdoor cabinets will also be cleaned and inspected.

Coil Inspection and Cleaning

The condenser coils, which play a crucial role in the operation of your Mitsubishi ductless HVAC system, are also common culprits for debris accumulation and contaminants.

Whenever a client complains of an odd odor from their AC, it’s most probably fungal growth in the outdoor or indoor coils.

During maintenance, these coils are inspected, cleaned, and rinsed, ensuring your AC system works at maximum capacity.

Refrigerant Inspection and Cleaning

Another common culprit of HVAC system malfunction is refrigerant leakages. These single problems may lead to higher monthly bills, lukewarm air, longer running time, and hissing or bubbling sound.

During your HVAC maintenance, your AC’s refrigerant lines, flare connections, and coils will undergo a thorough inspection.

Any leakages found on your refrigerant lines will be sealed and fixed to restore the optimum operation of your HVAC system.

Drainage Inspection and Repair

Oblivious to many, one of the ways your Mitsubishi ductless AC system may be cooling your California home is by introducing humidity into the air.

Drainage lines are used to drain the water and moisture used in the cooling of one’s home, and their subsequent breaking may make the AC faulty.

During your HVAC inspection, your AC system’s drainage pipes will be checked for any leaks and any issues found repaired.

Inspecting Electrical Contacts

Many faults that arise in most electrical devices are caused by malfunctioning or short-circuiting electrical contacts. AC systems are no exception.

Poor wiring sometimes causes ice to form on both the indoor and outdoor coils. Our trained specialists will inspect and repair all faulty electrical contacts in your ductless HVAC system at the tail end of your inspection.


For advanced ductless HVAC systems, sophisticated sensors are used to regulate the home’s heating and cooling. During maintenance, our experts will inspect the compressor of your HVAC system for issues and any necessary repairs done.

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