Quiet Cool Services In Redding, Anderson, Cottonwood, CA, And The Surrounding Areas

Ventilate your Entire Home

The QuietCool whole house fan trades the whole volume of air inside your home 15-20 times each hour. This will enable you to inhale outside air persistently, control /mold, and lessen airborne ailment.
The Environmental Protection Agency reports that indoor air contamination might be 2-5 times more dirtied than open air, even in significant metropolitan smoggy urban areas.

Get rid of Foul Odors in the Home

With QuietCool, exhaust your home of cooking, pet, and different smells. This will enable you to appreciate a more beneficial, smell free condition.

The American Lung Association says feline dander will remain airborne for 10 hours and infections will remain airborne for 10 days.

Reality Talk

What do numerous individuals do when they come after work and it is extremely hot inside however cool outside? They open their windows as opposed to turning on their A/C so they can attract that cool air. These open windows make a cross breeze and cool the home through thermal mass cooling.

Technical Talk

The cross breeze portrayed above turns into a “functioning” breeze for Quiet Cool homeowners and this is the way to warm mass cooling. Breezes inside a home will inevitably cool the encompassing air to an agreeable level yet won’t move enough air to cool the mass inside the home.

When accurately estimated, a QuietCool system will completely trade the whole air volume of a home 15-20 times each hour, or around one full air trade each 3 to 4 minutes. The “dynamic” breeze is the manner by which QuietCool flourishes.

Mass “cooling” results in light of the fact that the QuietCool is evacuating stale, hot air and supplanting it with crisp cool air. The entirety of this is happening at a high pace and volume, 15-20 times each hour, which is the reason it works so superior to a basic opened window.

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